"This is where I keep examples of the many forms of art I have enjoyed making throughout the course of my life. Here you will find a collection of the things I have done in all kinds of various media. Look around and enjoy the show. Be sure to look through the several dedicated art galleries, displayed by media and style, I have original work in fine art painting, drawing and illustration, as well as in photography and graphics. This is where you can become acquainted with the work I am doing now.

You can also see a few samples of my video productions in the form of my original music videos and a show I produced for television, back when I was the training coordinator for a local TV station. There is also a page with a music player for the original music I wrote in my songwriter days. I am always adding other material and artwork I have done over the years.

I have a writing page. I am currently working on a new book. The title is Imagination And The World Of Make-Believe. It is about how adults use imagination and how many of the things we have always believed are real, exist only in the world of make-believe. I use stories from my own life as examples to draw conclusive arguments about what is real and what exists only in the collective imagination of mankind. I am also working on presentations for my countless lyrics and short stories. It is still under construction at the current time but I have a few older articles up and have plans for posting some of my new writing soon. So check back.

I have a webstore, which I am always adding more products to. Right now, it contains original oil paintings which I have available for sale. I am not currently taking fine art portrait or commission work at this time. I am working out a deal to publish affordable super high-quality prints of my fine art painting work. When I have this finalized I will have affordable art prints for sale in the store, too. You can use my contact page if you have any problems with the site, or wish to acquire my goods or services. I am here! Have fun looking around and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Just Off The Easel

ALVIN: a portrait in graphite

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View Art Galleries

The primary focus of my website these days is to display my oil paintings and various styles of artwork. You will find four main categories of painting galleries. I will be adding additional galleries to showcase recent work or a specific series of paintings such as The Impressionist's Tree Series and Thirty-One Afternoons In August. Have fun and enjoy looking at all the paintings I have done over the last several years.


Listen To Songs

In my younger days, nothing was more important to me than songwriting ideas, writing the chord changes and the lyrics for my original songs. I was a songwriter who wrote many hundrends of songs over the years. None were ever sold or professionally recorded. Hey but I still wrote them, what the hell, you know? What else was I supposed to do, hum them to myself?


Watch Videos

About the closest I ever came to having my music professionally recorded was when I used to hang out at a local public access television station. Right before my second daughter was born, I managed to record these music videos. Just as I was finishing editing them at the professional studio facility, YouTube came into being in 2005, and made this sort of thing commonplace on anyone's average desktop computer. So, whoopie!


Read Stories

Along with my songwriting, which began in my early teens, several books, short stories, articles and poetry have come gushing out of my pen or been typed from my fingertips. Writing is certainly the most natural gift I posess. I do it better than any other thing I do. But like the rest of the arts and letters, finding my life's path is all well-and-good if you don't have to support a family and cover big monthly expenses.