I Built This Website

with my own bare hands

Every so often I feel like I need to update something on my website and it winds up breaking everything else. This time it was a wordpress update that made my old theme not worth the trouble anymore. So, now I decided to go on to the next level and build another website befitting the modern day. How long this will last is anyone's guess.

Every last thing on this website is my own original work. Every image, every graphic, every design decision... it's all my fault. I believe in original thought, creative authenticity and delivering ideas that no one else on this earth could have possibly thought of but you. This website is all about my original work and nothing else. I cover a few songs written by other people in my songwriting section and those are credited to the writers. Other than that, there is nothing on this website that is not my own original idea and composition.


(Well. . . To the best of my knowledge anyway. OK... there's probably a few things, here and there, I stole. Is anything ever really truly original even?)