These are the main galleries which contain examples of the work I do and the various styles in which I like to paint. Figurative, Landscape, Still-Life, Plein Aire painting are among the main styles I enjoy working in. Also, I will be adding galleries for pencil-sketch work, and other mediums. You can also find a gallery of my latest paintings, so you can view recent work and stay up-to-date on upcoming events where my work can be seen in-person.


19 x 25 inches - Graphite on paper

Art Galleries: The Many Paintings Of Vincent Sargenti

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View Recent Work

My Recent work and updates on what I am doing now can be seen in this gallery. There will be a lot more updates to this section coming soon.


View Figure Paintings

Figurative painting is the most challenging style there is. The spatial relationships with consideration for proportion, contour, form and value-control require a deeper focus and concentration over a longer duration of time than anything else I can think of. I prefer the style of realism because it's carefully constructed, layer by layer, starting from the conception of the original idea through to the deepest shadow, to the last touch of the highest highlight.

One could almost refer to multi-figure realism paintings in oil as a science comparable to engineering and architecture. It requires tremendous planning and precision execution to achieve a good result. I paint realism but as you can see, I do enjoy impressionism and just good old-fashioned brushwork. Sometimes a creative blend of the two on a single canvas is the best way to translate a subject into oil paint.


View Still-Life Galleries

Still-life is a meditation for me. I love to hide away in the seclusion of my tiny little art studio, in front of the warmth of my lightbox, dreaming up creative little settings, set-ups as they art called, which I can then paint from life. I started doing still-life because art teachers made me do it. But I soon fell in love with, not just the opportunity to practice and develop my skills, but the ideas I could have.

Still-life, for me, is all about the idea of the painting. You have an original idea and you experiment, not just with the placement of objects, but with the light. Still-life, for me, is more about the subtleties of light and the way light washes over e objects creating reflections of color on the surrounding objects. Every nuance and trace of reflection matters... and that's what I love about still-life.


View Landscape Galleries

Landscape painting is really a category all it's own. It requires a deep specialization which truly requires a lifetime to master. Even more so, if one works in watercolor. I feel my landscape painting in oil is very hit or miss and I never know when I am going to get a good one. It just sort of happens. I have made a lot of bad ones.

I began learning to paint on Saturdays, as a Bob Ross student at the local art supply store. If it was not for him, I would not be a painter at all. The way he approached landscapes was unique to his era but you have to realize the landscapes he painted were invented in his mind and painted on the spot, in 22 minutes. They were indeed dreamscapes as much as they were landscapes, seascapes and snowy settings. While I no longer approach landscape painting as Ross did, I still allow "anything I want because it's my world" and my "happy trees" have even evolved into The Impressionist's Tree Series.



View Photography 

In this gallery you will find some of the photographs I have taken. I have had several cameras over the years but am currently using a Canon 7D. I find it difficult not to admire the phtos I am getting nowadays with just my iPhone 6! It is crazy how far camera quality has come in the last 10 years!


View Graphics

In this gallery you will find a sampling of graphics I have created over the years. Most of the work I have done recently has been for entertainment promotions and marketing. I have an affinity for rock art and concert posters, so you will see some of this reflected in the work I have here. Along with this is some conceptual digital illustration and graphics I have done for the web.


View 31 Afternoons In August

Thirty-One Afternoons In August began as a traditional painter's endeavor of doing a painting every day for a given number of days. I decided to do a plein aire painting every day in August of 2014. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get out and enjoy the Summer.

These are the paintings I have to enjoy from that wonderful time. I sold 7 of them and the rest are still on my living room wall.


View Plein Aire Galleries

Plein Aire painting is about capturing a setting while being in it. You have the full sensory experience of it, but here's the catch: everything about that setting is changing moment-to-moment. Sensory overload becomes an issue. The true skill is in being able to decide what to paint and what not to, what must be left out.

Plein Aire painting strips away all pretension and leaves the artist up against the fundamental elements of his/her skillset. The act becomes a primal experience of capturing light and color from a three-dimensional world and translating it into a succinct two-dimensional composition with oil paint. This ability to "translate a world of light into oil" is the hardest part to master.