Here is my finest reserve selection of original music videos. I filmed my own renditions of John Perry-Barlow's "I Will Take You Home," Jerry Reed's "Barbie Car Breakdown,"  as well as my own song "Lotus Heart," while I worked at Fort Vancouver Television, FVTV Channel 11, in Vancouver Washington in 2005. My wife Yolanda was still pregnant with our 2nd daughter, Sienna, at the time. Our oldest daughter, Pepper was around to help me film everything and since she was 4 years-old, we had a lot of fun making the videos together. Daddy's little girl is always the star of the show and she makes noteworthy apearances in all three videos. I released the songs as part of "The Pepper Rose Show" which aired on FVTV in December of that year. Also included here is an instrumental performance of my orginal song, "Warmer Than Springtime," which as fate would have it, was the last song I ever wrote. It has a beautiful set of lyrics that have never been recorded. I guess I still need to do that... at some point.

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