This is a little audio player. You just tell it which song you want to hear and it plays it for you.


It's what hippies do when they're high


Here is a fair selection of the many songs I have written over the years. These are just demo recordings and rough, first-cuts of song ideas the way a songwriter would record them. It's all meant to be professionally re-recorded at some later date, which in my case... never came. Some of these songs are terrible. Some are pretty good. There may even be a few you really like. You're favorite song of all time? Well, it could very well be in there. That's kind of how songwriting goes. You write songs your entire life and maybe one-in-a-million ever see the light of day.

I am the guy who makes up a very small part of that million. I am one of the million that failed. These are the songs that, when you listen to the radio, never made it on the air. These are the failures of my life. These are the songs which seemed decent enough to write down and make a demo of, but none ever found thier way into a professional recording of any kind. And that's not necessarily the song's fault. Because, I feel like I may have written a winner or two in there somewhere. As a songwriter, I may not be as much of a failure as I have come to believe I am. It's just that I personally never tried hard enough, as a business-person, to get my music out there into the world. And that's nobody's fault but mine. Sales may have never even really been my ambition. I preferred to write them and play them, more than I cared about selling them. Much later in life, a few of these songs did become half-hearted music videos of my own making which can been seen elsewhere on this site. But what's the point, after the fact? Popular music is such a disposible art form.

So this has become something of an internet time-capsule, to have a look back into who I once was, to revisit the Vini I used to be. There is a photo gallery below that you can look at while you listen to the music player. Not that you will, but this is set up so you could, if you were so inclined. You don't have to, but you can if you want to. Nobody is forcing you to listen to my old songs. Back in the day, I used to think this was some really slick shit. Now? It's just a bunch of old fogey stuff I used to do when I was a kid.


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